At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want ~ Lao Tzu

Monday, October 25


this was recommended to me and i pass on the recommendation - but with a caveat: cave verbi (beware the words)!!
this is a deceptively simple book - most pages are half-blank and it takes next to no time to read - but oh my!! it does exactly what it says on the cover: 'A vital gem... a kick in the ass', and you have to decide if you actually want a kick in the derriere...
i confess i've had a hard couple of weeks and i simply cannot get motivated to complete the next set of exercises on my art course. they're not hard, by any means, but there are too other things to be doing...
basically, i'm falling prey to Resistance!!
the book tells me exactly what i have to do to win this battle - i simply need to show up every day and do my work - a writer writes, a painter paints, a computer programmer programs - but my problem is I don't know what my work is!!!
is this art course my work?
is being a wife and a mother my work?
is recovering from a stroke my work?
is learning about my favourite artists my work?
is work only what you get paid for?
is work what feeds your soul? your life purpose? your raison d'etre?
too many questions, and still no answers...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Claire - I think the only thing to do is to DO something (all of your list) and find out which of them makes your heart sing :) Let us know.