At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want ~ Lao Tzu

Friday, September 27

Focus on Life - Week 39

This week's prompt Your Best Shot was easy in theory, but so hard in practice...

When you have a busy week, how do you find time to take any photos, let alone your best EVER!!

So this is the best I could do this week - taken from our bedroom window. I just adore the contrast between the neighbour's trees, and I know it's a brief joy - this time next week, the deciduous trees will be almost bare. *sigh*

But these, I think, are some of my best photos - taken about 7 years ago of a smiley girl and a thoughtful boy :)

Wander through these links and enjoy others' best shots...

Wednesday, September 25

WOYWW 225 - Short & sweet...

Making a cover to house the print-outs of Susannah Conway's Journal Your Life course, which you can see top right of the photo strewn on the desk.

Decorating a 99p kraft 2-ring binder with stickers and washi tape :)

I hope to visit as many desks as I can, but it won't be till Thursday, for today is our Gorgeous Boy's 18th birthday!!

From a cute two-year-old...

... to a fine, young man, of whom we are very proud :)


Saturday, September 21

Focus on Life - Week 38

This week's prompt from Sally is much more my speed!

I live my life in Quiet Moments, when the kids are at school and Nick's at work.
From yesterday afternoon,

drinking my tea...

 listening to this...

watching the leaves blow from the trees...
thinking of this talented young man 
who died too soon in 1974.

Do visit other quiet moments gathered over at Studio Sublime...

Wednesday, September 18

WOYWW 224 - Altering postcards...

... yesterday afternoon, for the Inspiration Avenue Postcard Swap (there's a button on my right sidebar).

Sadly, I didn't think to take a pic earlier as I was working on my three postcards simultaneously. By the time I thought about it, I'd already sealed up two in their envies, but you can see this one on the desk...

And here's the back...

We've been asked to alter the backs too, but as this is a vintage card from my stash dated January 1953, I just added a couple of stickers, so as not to obscure the writing and date stamp.

Sometime, in the next few weeks, I should be receiving three altered postcards from overseas, so I'll show them when they arrive :)

In the meantime, I'm having a jolly jaunt over at Julia's Stamping Ground to see what's occurring* on others' desks...

Till next week xx

* Sorry, been watching Gavin & Stacey re-runs :)

Saturday, September 14

Focus on Life - Week 37

This week's prompt In Motion had me in a real quandary...

With our very basic, 10-year-old, digital camera, every shot of something in motion was either a poor-quality, blurry mess, or it appeared perfectly still *sigh*

On a scoot into town midweek, I took this at the crossing...

... the lorry was blazing past, but it's hardly an inspiring image!

Then, last night, dear Molly-cat sat on my lap and preceded to clean herself thoroughly - that wee tongue was definitely in motion!!

She's a glossy black, but the flash did strange things with her fur :)
Till next week xx  

Wednesday, September 11

WOYWW 223 - Journal crafting...

Truly, it isn't the bomb site it looks...

This is serious journal creating for my Journal Your Life course with Susannah Conway.

I'm using a Simple Stories binder by Sn@p I bought last year - now I know why :)

So far, I've made the cover, the dividers and put it all together - no actual journaling yet!

Here's some close-ups

Even dug out my Tim Holtz stamps I won many, many moons ago, signed by the lovely man himself :)

I'm so glad this desk party is in Blogland - I'm full of cold at the moment (along with hubbie and son - daughter and cat are ok so far...)

But I can visit and not share my germs!

So I'm hopping over to St Julia's Stamping Ground...
See you all there xx

Saturday, September 7

Focus on Life - Week 36

Here we are, September already!
My favourite month has started with glorious weather in the UK - warm sun, with just a hint of chill in the light breeze - perfect!

Before, I write any more, I must thank you for all your good wishes for my new Etsy shop, they meant A LOT!! Can you believe, last week I made my first sale??!! You can read more about it in the previous post...
So thanks again :)

This week, Sally's prompt was In Two - to focus on things in twos.

Certain parts of the body were my obvious first choice...

Instead, here's two pics of the journals I commissioned from Sharon at Beauty Bound Books...

The first I have filled already with my Summer morning meditations using this book, focused on Being Still.

The second, I have just started writing in, as I begin to Journal my Life with the lovely Susannah Conway (there's a button on my right sidebar).

I wonder what things in twos you've chosen...

Wednesday, September 4

WOYWW 222 - Still busy, still happy :)

Not the greatest picture - the beautiful September sun waned a lot by Tuesday afternoon :(

To the right of the pic are two paintings I was working on - not quite sure what the do in the foregrounds... the mounts are just to judge size of the bit to work on.

The rest of the desk is devoted to this

A stamp, I got made up for my shop, arrived in the post - and I just had to try it out! 
I priced it up, and this is way cheaper than buying custom stickers, and I do  love to stamp :)

Can I say a HUGE thank you to you all, for your lovely comments and good wishes last week? They truly mean a great deal...

And with the power of all your loveliness filling the ether, my first sale happened on Monday!!

This is the true wonder of the worldwide web at its best :)

So, still feeling the love, I'm popping over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what's happening on your busy, fun desks...

Till next week xx