At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want ~ Lao Tzu

Saturday, November 30

Focus on Life - Week 48

No surprises with the week's prompt Giving Thanks...

Although I'm a Brit living in the UK, I am married to an American, and the 4th Thursday in November is marked on our calendar as clearly as any American family's :-)

I know Sally suggested a collage, but I'm afraid I'm too exhausted from a week of hospital appointments, so I just took this...

I've always kept a gratitude journal (except for when I couldn't read/write after the stroke), and when I started using an A4 Filofax a few months ago to collate all my scribblings in one place, I had to make a section for Gratitude!

Every day I write 5 things for which I'm grateful - some days I struggle to write two, and others I could write 12 - such is life!

But here's my bumper list for Thanksgiving Day itself:
  1. A good night's sleep
  2. N's amazing meal
  3. E's homemade brownies - YUM!
  4. A warm, cosy home to share with others
  5. Dinnertime conversation
  6. Being mama to 2 amazing young people
  7. Meeting new people (N invited a friend & his partner to dinner - I hadn't met them before)
  8. Catching up on the blog course
  9. Having internet connection for most of the day (it's been very erratic this week)
  10. This special day :-)

Friday, November 22

Focus on Life - Week 47

I've been back and forth about what to post for this week's prompt Centrepiece - 'the central, most important feature of your day, week, life!', as Sally put it.

Trouble is, the answer is different to each part of the prompt...

The 'centrepiece' of my day, the foundation, is quiet time, prayer and Morning Pages - my day unravels if it doesn't start with them.

The 'centrepiece' of my life is my family - who, what would I be without them?

But the 'centrepiece' of this past week has been my new blog Another Deep Day

For the past 3 weeks I've been doing this course with Susannah Conway

and have been so inspired and motivated (getting up at 3.30am some mornings this week!), I've decided to pool all my favourite writing, photos, etc. in one place and wind down this, and my other, blogs.

I will keep posting the FoL posts here - just to keep them altogether. But if you do have a chance to visit the new blog, I would love to see you there - the kettle's always on :)

PS Last week's prompt asked us to Reflect, and one thing I didn't say - I have so enjoyed sharing this year with you, and I hope we won't all lose touch...
One way would be to follow each other's blogs. I know I'm not great at it (I tend to get overwhelmed by emails, and I really don't want to join google+), but I think I will join/follow many of you before the end of the year :)
Anyway, 'tis just a thought...

Wednesday, November 20

WOYWW 233 - Winding down...

Hello again!

I'm afraid I've been rather absent from the desk party lately...

You may know I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the party, and you gave me some very thoughtful and helpful comments, so thank you for that!!

I've also been busy on this course with Susannah Conway

I've been doing a lot of thinking about why I blog, and what kind of blog I want to create...

This is why yesterday I created a brand new blog, where I plan to pull together my favourite bits of writing and photography from my past few years in Blogland. I created my first blog in September 2006!

I've only just started 'another deep day', and there's A LOT to be done, but it is up and ready to receive visitors :)

All this means I'm thinking of winding down this blog...

I will keep posting each week up to the end of the year, but my main focus will be the new blog...
I don't know where it will go, and in what form, but I do know a new start is called for.

I hope you will drop by my new blog home from time to time. It's been such fun meeting you all over at Ms Julia's, and I know I'll stop by occasionally, to say hello and catch up a bit :)

In the meantime, I wish you all a really wonderful WOYWW, and a fun-filled crafty week xxx

Friday, November 15

Focus of Life - Week 46

This week's prompt was so much easier than last week!

This time of year, as the days get shorter and colder, is the perfect time to Reflect...

This Sunday is both the Full Moon and the local Celtic Service. It's always my favourite - the ancient church full of candles, songs and readings preparing for Advent.

It's always a time for reflecting on the past year, and the family festivities to come...

I've added the words of my daily mantra to this photo - I burn a lot of candles at this time of year :) I can't remember where I first read/heard them, but they centre me each day, and they reflect my daily endeavours to still my racing mind and just BE.

Friday, November 8

Focus on Life - Week 45

Wow, week 45! Oh my...

This week's prompt caused some consternation: Industrial Photography - gulp!

Grantham is a small market town, with almost no industry - especially where we live, so what to do??

Thankfully, on my way into town, I pass a small food factory, hidden behind trees and shrubs...


... and using all the zoom my wee camera can manage, I took this close up of the top of the factory.

I love the contrast between the smooth curves of the pipes and the straight lines of the railings and the corrugated factory sides.

Plus, the sun was shining, even though it was bitterly cold!

How I suffer for my art ;)

PS Thank you for visiting last week! I'm so sorry I didn't return the compliment :( I've started a course of hydrotherapy, and it just wipes me out for days on end! Then, a poorly boy, a husband away, Dad visiting to help out... took away any spare energy and computer time. I will try and visit this week, but I can't promise - sorry!

Friday, November 1

Focus on Life - Week 44

Ummm... The prompt this week was Saints, Souls, Sugar Skulls or Scares.

Now, Halloween isn't a big deal in our house - not since the kids have grown, anyway.

But we do always have one on these on the doorstep, so the Trick and Treaters know they'll be welcome :)

But to me, this picture captures the spirit of November...

Last weekend we changed the clocks in the UK, so it gets dark earlier and earlier. The temperature is dropping, and certainly, I for one, get into hibernation mode...

Warmth and shelter are paramount, and knowing all are safely gathered in around the fire brings me peace...