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Friday, October 1

Red Letter Day

i've done it!
it's official!!
i am now an OCA student!!!!
i enrolled earlier this week and my welcome pack arrived today - i've even got a student card - OMG!!!!!!

on sue's recommendation (thank you, my friend :) ), i plumped for OCA as they are accredited, and if i'm up for it - which is a big IF - i can build up units to a BA hons in Fine Art - eeeekk!!

this first course - drawing skills - is designed to take a year at roughly 8 hours a week - that's 400 hours!!! part of me is completely overwhelmed at the prospect, but i've already encountered wonderful help and support and the assurance that i can work at my own pace and take upto 2 years if need be *phew!!*

one of the prerequisites of the course is keeping a learning log - on paper or screen - so i may well start another blog - assuming i can scan my work well enough - our printer/scanner isn't the best...

but first things first, i need to read ALL the handbooks and course materials and introduce myself to my tutor...

truly, i am tooooo excited for words... but here's one


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Pamela Holderman said...

Congratulations - love every minute of it even if it!