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Thursday, December 30

Time out of time

picture credit: Rebirth by Greg Spalenka
it's that time of year again - the 'time out of time' - a threshold time, between Winter Solstice and New Year. a time to reflect on what has past and a time to hope for what is to come...
i subscribe to joanna powell colbert's newsletter and she's generously giving a free e-booklet she's written about this magical, liminal time...
over the next few days, i plan to work through it and prepare myself for 2011.
so i wish you all a peaceful piece of time to ponder the gifts and trials of this past year, and a sacred space alone to articulate your hopes and dreams for the new year.
i leave you with a poem by lawrence sail in his songs of the darkness (a lovely xmas gift from a dear friend):
The Glimmering
The horizon draws the line
at having been tamped down
all through a slutchy autumn,
moves in as a caul
of rain which blears the hills,
hissing like the prefix that history
adds to words and laughter:
finally, shrinks to the glimmering
from under a stable door,
a straw-breath of light which can only
imply the warmth of spring
or the memory of it - the long
pursed buds of the lily
peeling open on the angel's wand.

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poppy m said...

Hi claire - when I 1st read the poem it did nothing - i've just read it again & it leapt of the page- FAB. Love the image to - I already feel "though the curtain" into a new year.