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Thursday, February 17

Thoughtful Thursday

Everything is speaking if we listen. A rock just talks slower. It takes a hundred years for it to say one syllable. We're not around long enough to hear what it has to say.
Natalie Goldberg, Living Color 1997
Ms Goldberg is well-known as a writer - her Writing Down the Bones is a classic! But she also paints and Living Color is a memoir of what painting means to her. Her style is distinctive and is growing on me as I read her book, but what I love are her memories of what she was thinking and feeling as she painted a particular picture... Her recollections add a whole new layer to what you see in the image!
I know a picture paints a thousand words, but I do so enjoy the artists who can share their experiences in words as well as pictures :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Claire for sharing this - I read and loved 'Writing down the bones' a while ago, but didn't know about 'Living Color'. I am reading a book on Illustration by Alan Male. He says "Writing and illustration are than just contiguous, they are one and the same."