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Tuesday, April 19

Virtual Coffee Tuesday - By beauty surrounded...

 It is such a beautiful day, I think we'll have coffee outside :)

This is the view over our back fence - if you lift your head a little and block out the houses on three sides... I often stand at the kitchen window and pretend we live in solitude, surrounded by pines... I don't think we'd have any worse internet connection than we seem to suffer here in the depths of Lincolnshire... but aren't these beauties majestic?

Anyway, how are you? How's your week been?

As you can tell, I'm perkier than last week... though I'm dosed up with painkillers - had botox in my arm yesterday, so everything's rather sore... Who'd have thought something vain celebrities shoot into their wrinkles could help stroke victims with too-high muscle tone? But it does, and when it's kicked in (usually within a few days), I'm a much happier bunny, with a relaxed, pain-free arm and much better posture and aligment...

Last Thursday, I spent a lovely afternoon with a dear friend. These are the stunning flowers she brought me! They're an early birthday present, as she lives in Wales, and was up in Leeds at a conference. I especially adore big, flashy lilies and these beauties just fill the room with their heady fragrance, and I love the contrasting bright yellow sunflowers - just gorgeous!

And just for you, Lil Sis, this is my attempt at a moody, arty shot... I'm really not a photographer, and we have a very basic digital camera, but I rather like this out-of-focus, dreamy shot...

And, of course, I must try and draw, and even paint, these incredible flowers... when the arm feels better...

And don't forget to pop round Amy's at Lucky Number 13 to see who else is enjoying coffee.

See you next week, and in the meantime, have a really wonderful Easter weekend - let's hope this weather holds  :)


Anonymous said...

I can smell those lilies from here - wonderful. And glad to hear that you are feeling perkier this week (in spite of the botox!). Acting on your suggestion, I'll pour my second cup of coffee and take it outside :)

poppy m said...

Those flowers are real beauties - lucky you.
Glad you are feeling more UP - you've defintely drawn a short-health-straw this time round - perhaps you were an athlete in a previous/future life!
They are great pines - very majestic.
Hope the birthday book has arrived & that you enjoy it has much as I have.
Have lovely family etc Easter - hope you get a bit of time for reflection.
Ta Ta Meredith

Johanna said...

The flowers look beautiful, hope they are still smelling just as gorgeous as well :) I love the moody shots :)

Sorry I missed the cuppa yesteday, but I'm having a quick one this afternoon in-between piles of paperwork!

Have a great Easter weekend, hope you get to go out and enjoy the sunshine, it's beautiful up in Wales today, and I wish I was outside enjoying it


Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

glad you are having a better week. those flowers are gorgeous, i just can't wait for everything to be blooming around here! thanks for coffee!