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Monday, July 11

Monday Music - Camelot

I am so enjoying this series on channel 4, especially the performances of Joseph Fiennes as Merlin and Eva Green as the evil Morgan... though, I agree with the Guardian's reviewer, Jamie Campbell Bower's portrayal of Arthur is just not strong enough...

Sadly, I couldn't find a youtube clip of the actually opening titles - copyright issues, I'm guessing...

But you can enjoy a flavour of the music :)


Victoria said...

Hi Claire..lovely to meet you and visit your magical realm! Thanks for this link..yes i love love the right you are!
Thanks for visiting and I am glad to know your blog now too!
Have a sparkling week ahead!

Johanna said...

Have completely missed this series, and am a bit gutted. I've been told it has the feel of the tudors about it, and I loved loved those series. Anyway, hopefully will be able to pick up a copy once it's released on dvd - so have that to look foward to and in the meantime and enjoying the music :) xx

Unknown said...

I watch "Merlin" on Netflix. It's with Colin Morgan as Merlin, and Bradley James as Arthur. It's not the best tv show ever but I enjoy watching it. Great show for long nights.
btw, thank you for stopping by my blog
Have a great day!