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Tuesday, February 14

Virtual Coffee - A very busy week last week...

... so I'm hoping this week will be slower and gentler... *sigh*

And I'm looking forward to a lazy chat over coffee...

I'm being VERY indulgent today - a large homemade cappuccino and an iced bun (this is for a dear Yorkshire friend, who despairs that Brits now call them 'cupcakes'!! She's on a one-woman mission to reverse the Americanization of Britain...)

Anyway, news...

Well, we have survived the cold spell that gripped the East Coast, and have gone from this on Friday/Saturday

to this

Crazy weather!!

Thankfully, before the weather turned bad last week, I was able to meet friends here for a girlie lunch

(Images here and below from their website)

The White Swan at Blyth, just 30 minutes up the A1, and what a lunch we had!! The food is deliciously favourful, and beautifully presented - my kind of food :)


We all had three courses(!), and took our time, chatting and laughing and catching up - THE best kind of therapy!
My body may be struggling with the cold weather and lack of physiotherapy this past week, but my soul is good :)

Speaking of which, I entered the IA Challenge again this week. My entry is not high art, by any means, but it IS meaningful...

You can read my explanation of what it means here

Nurturing ourselves with friendship and sharing our stories, is surely what Valentine's Day is really all about - rather than the commercialized, lovey-dovey drivel we see around us in the shops???

Spending time with people you care about - whether they be family or friends (virtual or real) - sharing stories of fun or heartache, is love in action. Love as a verb, rather than a noun, that's what I want to celebrate every day regardless of the date :)

Looking forward to catching up over coffee at Amy's...

With my love xxx


Moomser said...

Love as a verb, rather than a noun... I quite like that!
I really hope the weather over here does the same as over there, cause I'm sick and tired of the snow!

J C said...

Hmmm that White Swan lunch looks decadent. Wish I could have been there to share it. For Valentines, my hubby brought me some decorated cupcakes. Oooops, maybe I should call them Valentines iced buns, hmmmmmmm? But well, they're not really buns, they're cakes, so....buns don't get icing, they get butter. LOL Maybe I am starting a world war here! All in fun. Happy V day! xo

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I admire a country who can melt that much snow that fast! We tend to hang on to ours tooth and nail, but I am comforting myself with the fact that March is just two weeks and one day away. Oh, what stunningly beautiful food! Almost a shame to eat it. Almost. Pass the iced buns please!

Unknown said...

The weather on our side of the world has been just as crazy. A couple of weeks ago I was running outside in short sleeves and now there's two inches of snow on the ground ... CRAZY.

And that food looks scrumptious. What I wouldn't give for lunch with the nice.

Have a lovely week and thanks for coffee.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Oh I love girls' lunches and that one sure looks divine! Such pretty pictures too.

Verena said...

Love your perspective on Valentines. Hope you can feed your inner center and make it glow in the warmest yellow you can think of, this week! Always enjoy stopping by

sue bulmer said...

Hi ClaireThanks for stopping by on my blog, yours looks great too, lots to see, will make sure I stop by tomorrow for a read. BTW I agree, the white swan, not far from Lowdham, will mkae sure we stop by there too for the scrummy looking food!!