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Tuesday, April 10

Virtual Coffee Tuesday - Easter Goodness...

Hello again!

I hope you had a very lovely Easter weekend...

In the UK, we get a very long weekend to celebrate, including Friday and Monday, and as per usual, it poured with rain for the whole holiday... :(

Though Nick picked up these pretties from the market, to brighten our table :)

And the sun is shining today, but it's still chilly and windy, so I think we'll snuggle up inside... and I can offer lots of naughties to enjoy with your beverage of choice...

... a slice of Easter cake or an individual mini-cake?

or a piece of the VERY indulgent, grown-up Easter egg my Dad gave Nick and me to share...?

And yes, those are liqueur chocolates! But I bag the cointreau one... :)

On Friday, I finished the Frida painting for the Inspiration Avenue Challenge (you can see the results here) with Molly-cat's help... the green paw-prints lend a certain je ne sais pas...

You can see how the painting developed here...

On Saturday, I settled down to watch the Boat race... what an absolute shambles!!

Then, when they finally restarted, the oars clashed, an Oxford oar broke, and Cambridge sped away... adding insult to injury... *sigh*

All this caused by one man's absolute idiocy!!!

Sunday saw an early start for Nick and me - we went to the local church's sunrise service, but because of the rain, we gathered in the porchway, rather than outside. There were 17 people in the congregation, which I thought was very impressive, and we all enjoyed coffee and croissants together after the service.

Nick prepared a favourite meal for lunch - Jamie Oliver's lamb shanks - we'd had them for christmas lunch too :)

Then it was time to watch a DVD together, while our delicious lunch digested...

Everyone enjoyed this!! Great story with great actors :)

Yes, we had quite a weekend!!

And now, I'll leave you to enjoy Seth Lakeman, whose new album arrived today - he's a favourite in our house, with kids and parents alike :)

This is my favourite track...

With love xxx

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Lisa Richards said...

So many wonderful things in one post!
You are blessed to meet with other believers in such a beautiful old church! Sounds like a wonderful Easter service.

Your Frida painting is so unique and I love the leafy background!

Chocolate! Yea!

I feel so badly for the men in the boat race, but I'm glad to know they put the swimmer's safety before a win.

I may just have to watch that movie. I haven't had my mind blown in a while, lol!

I'll listen to Seth Lakeman a little later when I can find my earphones.

Thanks for a fun post!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by today. I had to watch that race TWICE. I didn't get it the first time. Idiocy is right! At first, I thought it was one of the men in the boat who had possibly gone overboard. Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday and that lunch looked awesome, even if I am a vegetarian!

You made a comment about my tea. Believe me, I drink BLACK tea, even when it's green or white. I just use a LOT of half and half in my drinks, which is mostly coffee, but on Tuesday it is usually tea. This is not milk, and I never stop pouring it until I get the white color I desire.

Rachel said...

Claire, your virtual coffee posts are quickly becoming my favorite. Where to being!? Love the Jamie Oliver lamb shanks, I'll take a mini cake with mine please :) And I even enjoyed the Seth Lakeman song. Thank you so much for sharing! You are a true joy to read!
Thanks for coffee!

Sue Brown said...

Loving your double-hander with Molly of Frida - brilliant! And, I definitely need to investigate the lamb shanks recipe, DVD and album track. Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend :)

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Mmm...cointreau! Sounds like you've got lots of fun things going on. Hope you continue to have a lovely spring!