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Saturday, November 30

Focus on Life - Week 48

No surprises with the week's prompt Giving Thanks...

Although I'm a Brit living in the UK, I am married to an American, and the 4th Thursday in November is marked on our calendar as clearly as any American family's :-)

I know Sally suggested a collage, but I'm afraid I'm too exhausted from a week of hospital appointments, so I just took this...

I've always kept a gratitude journal (except for when I couldn't read/write after the stroke), and when I started using an A4 Filofax a few months ago to collate all my scribblings in one place, I had to make a section for Gratitude!

Every day I write 5 things for which I'm grateful - some days I struggle to write two, and others I could write 12 - such is life!

But here's my bumper list for Thanksgiving Day itself:
  1. A good night's sleep
  2. N's amazing meal
  3. E's homemade brownies - YUM!
  4. A warm, cosy home to share with others
  5. Dinnertime conversation
  6. Being mama to 2 amazing young people
  7. Meeting new people (N invited a friend & his partner to dinner - I hadn't met them before)
  8. Catching up on the blog course
  9. Having internet connection for most of the day (it's been very erratic this week)
  10. This special day :-)


Beti Horvath said...

Thanks! For sharing your list, and your on-going gratitude project!

Vicki Sheehan said...

that's a good list. i also like to write in a gratitude journal. happy thanksgiving : )

Alice said...

Lots of things to be thankful for. I'm glad that each day you can find at least one or two thing to put on your list. I love that you have a gratitude journal. I just might have to start one of my own.

Shel said...

So many wonderful things to be thankful for, this is certain! I love your gratitude journal and I'm happy you're having a wonderful (U.S.)Holiday weekend! :-)

Becky Pancake said...

Thanx for joining our holiday celebration. Your gratitude journal is a splendid idea.

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

You have reminded us that giving thanks should be a daily habit. I'm glad you had such a nice long list of celebrations.

thewovenspoke said...

Fantastic post I love your list and daily too maybe we all should try that.

LoriF said...

What a lovely idea to keep a journal of your gratitudes...Sally's prompt certainly made me be more aware of my blessings, small or large. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Honey from the Bee said...

How beautiful to keep a gratitude journal always... I do posts periodically about gratitude, but lately with stuff going on I haven't thought much about it. I found this challenge as well as Thanksgiving have made me think it might make me feel better if I tried a little harder.

Adrienne said...

So much to be grateful for!