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Monday, March 21

Monday Music - and a confession...

... I have a secret crush on Guy Garvey (lead singer of Elbow)...

I love his voice, his flat vowels, his passion for music, for words, for the perfect image *sigh*

Here's the opening lines of 'Lippy Kids', the second track on their new album Build a Rocket Boys!

Lippy kids on the corner again
Lippy kids on the corner begin settling like crows
Though I never perfected the simian stroll
The cigarette scent, it was everything then

Do they know those days are golden?
Build a rocket boys!
Build a rocket boys!

One long June I came down from the trees
And kerbstone cool
You were a freshly painted angel walking on walls
Stealing booze and hour-long hungry kisses...

See, sheer poetry :)


meredith said...

Hi Claire - I really enjoyed that. Hope the house-check went OK.

Anonymous said...

Going to make you (and me) very jealous ... my daughter has managed to get tickets to Elbow in Manchester as a surprise pressie for her boyfriend's birthday. She's also managed to get backstage passes to meet the band :O