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Tuesday, March 22

Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Hello! How are you this beautiful Spring morning?
I got myself organized today and set up a photo from home... Yes, I do like my Emma Bridgewater crockery, though I buy the seconds - a lot cheaper and I like the fact they're often a bit wonky :)
(I have to confess, though, I'm coveting her new Splatter range, exclusive to Liberty's, but £20.00 for a mug!! They've got to be joking!!)?
So, what have you been doing this past week? Anything exciting?
On Saturday I went here with a dear friend for the day (we've known each other for over 40 years!) It was a glorious, sunny day and we had a lovely lunch here - salmon and courgette frittate and salad, followed by naughty, delicious, gluten-free cake - yum!! And lots of fun clothes shopping - my friend's flying to Las Vegas today for a trade show and needed some smart casuals...
I've just finished reading this - more of a novella than a novel - having so loved Tom Ford's film last year.
Actually, it's been quite an Isherwood week - his home is featured in this month's World of Interiors, with an interview with Don Bachardy. And I watched an excellent BBC film Christopher and His Kind at the weekend, with a very impressive Matt Smith playing Isherwood (I didn't think of Dr Who once - no mean feat!)
My plan for the week ahead, if the weather holds, is to get out in the garden to draw - I noticed yesterday we have a magnolia tree coming into bud - and I must draw it before the leaves come through and obscure the blooms... I love magnolias - I'm always amazed such an exotic plant can survive our English weather!

So until next week, I hope you keep well and happy and come back with stories to share next Tuesday - I'll have the kettle on :)

PS Amy's now put her Virtual Coffee link up, so pop over the Lucky Number 13 and see who else is enjoying coffee in Blogland...
PPS Of course you don't have to have coffee... I do have an EB teapot... xx


Anonymous said...

Oops, missed the virtual coffee break this morning. Knee-deep in illustrations for a client's presentation on Thursday. Got a bit giddy from the marker pens. Save a bit of that gluten-free cake for me :)

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Hi Claire

I wanted to get in touch with you because you were one of those people that said such nice things about my artwork when I had my little giveaway going. I have since had a horrible thing happen to my account with Feedburner. It randomly dropped a bunch of my subscribers. I'm not sure if you were one of the ones that got shuffled but it would be so generous of you if you could re=subscribe again to my blog. Sorry about the inconvenice !! Thank you for your support. I hope to join your next coffee break. Let me know when it is. I am a follower.

Christi said...

lovely having coffee with you. so have you gotten out to draw?

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Hi Claire
I can't wait for the weather to get warmer, perhaps I might try to draw some of the little flowers that sprout up in my back yard...... ummm no, I'll probably just take a picture or two.