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Monday, March 28

Monday Music - and a Resounding Victory!

Today's music is from
Lykke Li. I love her blend of technopop and quite tribal/primal music. There must be something in the Scandinavian air to inspire this curious, interesting mix...
You may know Lykke from this Twilight: New Moon
And the resounding victory...???

Oxford won the Boat Race by an awesome 4 lengths on Saturday - even though Cambridge were the favourites with a much more experienced crew - AND the B team, Isis, won their race against the Cambridge Goldie crew.
Hooray for the Dark Blues!!

PS I discovered this great site yesterday. I've put up a button underneath the clock - click it and see which books I'm reading :)

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Kim Welling said...

I love Lykki li, such a beautiful voice!