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Tuesday, March 29

Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Welcome again!
I'm afraid I can only stay for a quick one... I have a busy day ahead, and I know I'll be too shattered to post anything this evening, but I figure a quick post is better than none...

I'm meeting my friend
Tina for lunch (we'll probably go here), then heading for here for this exhibition, followed by a talk on the psychology of women and shoes... Tina's always loved shoes (we met in the Brownies 40 years ago!), and has quite a collection herself, and I love Vivienne Westwood, so it's perfect :)
A day out is always quite a production - not only do I have to remember the basic stuff - money, keys, mobile - I also have to make sure I have all my medication and snacks (I'm diabetic), get fitted up with my
FES to help my walking, get the wheelchair ready to load into the back of the car, remember the disabled packing badge... what a palaver!!
But the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I have a fun day to look forward to...
I hope you all enjoy your chats over coffee and I'll be here same time, same place next week, with hopefully a bit more time to natter...


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a lovely day out - in spite of all the faff of getting ready!

poppy m said...

Hi Claire - cant believe another week has passed by! Hope you both had a great day out. I know what you mean about faff & going out. Getting ready to work at the church site can be an epic to - flask, dog, coats, chainsaw, forks, etc etc.
We were both wacked from too much fencing so today was "light work" - I planted out some willow cuttings that I had taken back in February - have lots left. Still cant make up my mind about the living willow sculpture - inspiration just doesn't seem to come so perhaps now is not the right time?
Lovely chatting - time for an early night- ready for more fencing tomorrow. Nite Nite Meredith.

KaiBlue said...

I spent some time reading your blog, catching up.. :)