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Tuesday, March 8

Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Welcome to my first Virual Coffee Tuesday :)
A couple of weeks ago i discovered Amy over at
Lucky Number 13 and grabbed a button (it's over on my right sidebar, but this the first time i've remembered it - on a Tuesday!! i think it's a great idea to meet with blog friends over a virtual coffee, and Tuesday's as good a day as any...

sooooo, what have you been up to this week?

How's the family/ your work/ your health/ the cat/ the dog/ the budgie....??

Seen any good movies lately?

We all enjoyed this on DVD over the weekend - really funny and only a 12 rating, so we could all enjoy it :)
my kids are 15 and 13, which makes choosing family films quite difficult...

What else....

ooooh! i picked up a real bargain this week on ebay...

i've been coveting these for months and months, but at anywhere from £70--£115, i wasn't going to get them anytime soon :(

but lo and behold, someone was selling their set on ebay, barely used, and i won them for half the price of amazon's!! they arrived safely yesterday, and when i've played with them some more, i'll post some pictures... they have beautiful brush tips, which just glide over the paper *sigh*

also, in yesterday's mail was the lastest issue of this beauty! i know i've waxed lyrical about it before, but it truly is a joyful treasure and i can't praise it enough :)

Well, that's maybe a long enough post... and i've finished my coffee... it was really lovely to meet you, and i'll hope to see you same time, same place next Tuesday...
i'll save you a seat :)


Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

This is kind of neat... But I guess by the time you read this ist already Wed for you, and Im doing this while drinking my evening tea... But I hope you had a good day (and coffee) and a great day ahead of you with new cups of coffee.

I have to check this again, I hope more will show up : )



Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Hey you guys I'll check in again too for that chat over coffee or tea. Claire thanks for entering my giveaway on my blog. I welcome the support. I also like your drawings ........ considering you're having to learn all over again, your doing very well.

Dawn said...

Hey ~ thanks for the coffee (I hope you've been able to stop by my blog for {virtual coffee} with me).
The last good film I saw at the theatre was The King's Speech ~ I loved it. I totally understand what you're talking about when you say it's difficult to find suitable family movie for kids the age of your children. There are many good movies that unsuitable family shows because the movie makers simply want a "higher" rating ~ not that what they add actually enhances the story's plot! It's very frustrating. I'll definitely be back to your blog again.
Best wishes ~

Dawn said...

happy tuesday coffee on wednesday! i will agree- movies are tough! my kiddos are 14 & 17 and i am thankful that they are not asking to see the junk that is out there!! the last movie we saw all together? gnomeo & juliet. just love to have fun!!

ooo... those pens are beautiful!