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Friday, March 18

Friday Fun: EDM challenge no. 97

Draw a present you have received. Why is it special?
A quick 5-minute sketch of a
poetry book my dear friend from Santa Barbara sent a couple of weeks ago, and a fun doodle of the gift wrap it came in (done a few days ago while listening to the footie... of course...).
There are a number of reasons why it's special:
1. It's from a special person far away...
2. I'd never heard of Tony Hoagland before she sent me a poem in an email a few weeks ago.
3. I love being introduced to writers unknown to me - one of the perks of friendship :)
4. It was bought from a favourite independent bookshop, where they giftwrap beautifully - they even put a sticker over the price.
5. Their logo is a cute black cat who adorns the aforementioned sticker :)
Here's a sample poem:
Field Guide
Once, in the cool blue middle of a lake,
up to my neck in that most precious element of all,
I found a pale-gray, curled-upwards pigeon feather
floating on the tension of the water
at the very instant when a dragonfly,
like a blue-green iridescent bobby pin,
hovered over it, then lit, and rested.
That’s all.
I mention this in the same way
that I fold the corner of a page
in certain library books,
so that the next reader will know
where to look for the good parts.


Unknown said...

Lovely post and sketches in your book!

Ellen Burkett said...

I envy you...what a great poem that is. Must be more inside that book. Nice drawings!

Anonymous said...

Lovely book (beautifully wrapped) and lovely poem - thank you for sharing. I'd never heard to Tony Hoagland before. And now I have :)

poppy m said...

Hi Claire - the link to the bookshop brought blast of impressions from my visit to California years ago, Gosh - that was a pleasant surprise!
Keep on drawing & blogging!